View Full Version : G2 transparency absorbtion. Where are my shadows?

Thomas M.
07-06-2004, 05:03 AM
I just spend a lot of time trying to achive a quite realistic coffee (liquid) surface with G2, using transparency absorbtion and sss. Happy with the results I turned on raytrace shadows and monte carlo radiosity. Unfortunately the cast shadow (on a plane beneath the coffee liquid) looks crappy, as the renderer treats the surface as 100% transparent (G2 requires 100% transparency in the basic panel). Therefore the shadow is much to bright. How can I achive the look for the shadow you might expect from taking a look at the liquid which is quite black. Also the shadow should show different tinted areas due to the transparency absorbtion in G2. Did I miss a button or is G2 not able to communicate to the LW renderer the "new" shadow details?

Please share your knowledge, if you encountered similar problems.

Thanks, Thomas