View Full Version : can MD SCAN read verts AFTER subdivision?

jin choung
07-06-2004, 01:09 AM
howdy fellows,


1. a box with TAB applied so it is a spheroid.

2. another box that is IDENTICAL to the above but FROZEN.

is there a way to apply md scan to object 1 so that the saved deformation can be applied to object 2?

also, does anyone know if UV EDIT PRO will mess up your POINT ORDER after uv editing?

with lw as it is currently, unwelding and welding leads to altering point order.



07-06-2004, 01:20 AM
Yes !
You can use MD_MetaPlug.
It works like a Lattice Deformation.

i.e You calculate an MDD file (either due to Soft Body collisions, or as a baked displacement) and you let this MDD to drive the displacement of a Subdivided Object.

You can find how it works in the LW manual.

As far changing PointOrder, I havent tried UVEditPro. From my experience the PointOrder changes after Cut/Copy/Paste/Merge Points operations.
The simplest way to see if two objects have the same PointOrder is to load them into Layout and try to morph the one to the other for 25 frames let say.