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07-04-2004, 01:28 PM
Even though I am on my 10th year of using Lightwave I have never mastered or deciphered the puzzle that is multiple Keyframes and smooth movement.

I have always tried to have work arounds for the complex moves and animations I try to achieve.

I never can, from the start seem to get what I want on purpose.

Here is an example.

I have a rotating vehicle in space passing by the camera.

The camera pans with it and rotates as well to show the star field.

Then I want the camera to pan away from the first vehicle to an empty space and then settle to a still an dthen hold that still for a second then begin to move quickly towards a second vehicle far away (with nice mtion blur and all) and then come in to a settle gradually.

I have tried many different methods to smooth out camera movements like this for years but I always end up with some sort of loop or bounce or jitter or jolt I didn't want in the animation.

I have dealt with this for too long.

Surely someone has come up with something for lightwave keyframing that is similar to AFter effects' ease in and ease out key framing.

Linear keyframes help me sometimes but not always.

I try to smooth my motion into a linear keyframe so that the snap camera move can happen without zapping backwards before it goes forwards and such.

Is there any 3rd party plugs that can make smoother keyframe transitions.

THe continuity, bias, tension, seem to only add worse problems to my animations.

Sometimes I get lucky but not often. I always can get around it one way or the other but I would really just like to set 3 or 4 keyframes and have them smoothed out for me without resorting to some keyframing jujitsu to achieve what is in real life a very basic and simple camera move.

Any suggestions?

07-04-2004, 03:24 PM
In the Graph Editor you can ease in and out the keyframes?!