View Full Version : Bug Alert?!? During Batch Capture

07-01-2004, 05:24 PM
I don't recall seeing this mentioned before, but I think that this is a bug.....

While batch capturing, my VT3 was crashing.

What I figure it to be is the AutoSave Module setting in the preferences panel.

At first I was trying to capture about 45 mins. of footage from my Canon XL1s via firewire. I wasn't sitting and watching the capture but after I started it took approximately 10 minutes for VT3 shutdown. I tried capturing smaller amounts and the magic number was about 8 minutes.

After finding the 8 minute mark, I thought about what might be set at 8-10 minutes in the prefs, the only thing I knew I had adjusted was the AutoSave and I had set that at 10 minutes. I adjusted that up to 1 hour and tried my captures again, NO CRASH!!

I don't know if this AutoSave setting isn't the problem in some of the other crash issues that might be arising.

Paul and/or Andrew, I've be able to recreate this on my machine, please let me know if you are able to recreate it back in your office.

Brian D. Baron
Baron Productions
San Diego, CA