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07-01-2004, 02:53 AM
its been a rought ride lately, and i feel that now with the official release of 8 that a new beginning is here for NT and LW. Its also the end of a long journey that NT had started sharing with us since the announcement of their plans for LW 8 at a year ago...

I'd been one of NT's harshes critics, so I'd like to offer them a thank you just as passionate...

I also have some suggestions....

recently I;ve had to learn Maya with not all cylinders firing in the motivation department. What has helped was Alais' unrelenting effort to train the world in maya. that came in the form of the PLE, books, and the DVD.

interestingly enough, the two books I had were from alias.... the art of maya and learning Maya 5: Foundation.

Books: for starters, both were in color... it makes a difference... Second they covered the essentials of 3D visially with simplistic pictures and diagrams. It was an uncluttered and inviting way to break the ice, especially when dealing with a possibley dry subject matter.

The PLE for 5 is available. "nuff said.....

the DVD... while the LW DVD's are just as good, maya's is half the price. the last version of LW to ship with a video was ver 6.. great idea and it was free.

Also the maya DVD is a concise training package... it had a startup booklet, the PLE of maya and the DVD video. Also the DVD video takes you through a project that touches on many of the components of Maya.

the argument can be made that NT has and extensive video tutorial library available online. that is true. I'm just saying that if a DVD had shipped w/ LW with a project based tutorial that touched on LW's many features, Nt would have hit it out of the park...

I'm posting this to offer NT some comments to help the already tremendous momentum evident in the release of 8. 'Nuff said.

thanks again!

07-01-2004, 04:33 PM
you could also make the an example of dfx+

the training included with that is just incredible and will surely get you started.

Don't want this post to sound like whining because I do appreciate all the efforts the peeps at Newtek have made to get a decent manual and online help system. Those things are really great !