View Full Version : This might be easy but I need some help

06-30-2004, 02:50 PM
I am pretty new to this lightwave thing. Ive mad a bed but I cant figure out how to make a comforter to go on it. I have seen a few around the net on free models, but I cant figure out how to make one for my own bed. :confused:
Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help! Here's a picture of my bed too.

06-30-2004, 02:52 PM
helps if I add the picture....

06-30-2004, 03:12 PM
This might not be the best way of doing this but I think making a box with mutiple sections then moving the bottom of the box after smooth shifting it up. Then massaging the points til it looks right

06-30-2004, 11:40 PM
Use either the pen or the spline guide tool and draw what you want the side view of the bed to look like.

Convert the spline to a polygon, and extrude it out to the width you want the bed covering to be.

If you don't want a bottom, since this will be a blocky look, you can delete the polygons on the bottom, and then apply one of the thickener plugins to add some depth to the cover.

I got mine from Flay's site, and it's called Thickener2, and it's free and works great, even in 8.

I've attached an object I knocked out in just a few minutes to show you the idea. If you have any questions, let me know. And forgive the sloppy polys. As I said, this was a conceptual quickie.