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06-29-2004, 04:33 PM

I just finished a project, animating illustrations for a teaching video on skin damage from free radicals (and the product they make to counter-act the damage).

The visuals are simplistic.. I had to make my animations look exactly like the existing chart graphics that they correspond to in the training materials.

MPEG-4 videos (Quicktime v6 should play them)

Chart 01 (http://www.carm3d.net/media/Rev_Chart01.MP4) 103 KB (Vitamin C releases one proton to counteract free radicals [no audio])

Chart 02 (http://www.carm3d.net/media/Rev_Chart02.MP4) 151 KB (These guys' electrolyzed vitamin C delivery method makes it up to 8x effective [no audio])

Chart 03 (http://www.carm3d.net/media/Rev_Chart03.MP4) 2 MB

Chart 04 (http://www.carm3d.net/media/Rev_Chart04.MP4) 140 KB (no audio)

Chart 05 (http://www.carm3d.net/media/Rev_Chart05.MP4) 900 KB

Chart 06 (http://www.carm3d.net/media/Rev_Chart06.MP4) 497 KB

Chart 07 (http://www.carm3d.net/media/Rev_Chart07.MP4) 1.9 MB (I think this one is my favorite)

If anything, some of you may find it educational. :p

Eat more foods with antioxidants! :)

06-30-2004, 02:41 AM
Well unfortunately I couldn't view any of the files - is there any chance you can post as .avi files?

For some reason if I try to download the latest installer for Quicktime my machine re-boots itself when the file download gets to 3.89MB.

Why, I have no idea.


06-30-2004, 02:53 AM
Right-click on the links and save them to your computer. Be sure the extension is called ".MP4" and not .MOV (don't know why it likes to default to .MOV). Then use something else that plays MPEG-4.