View Full Version : Codec install nightmare...

06-28-2004, 11:59 AM
Hi All,
I think I am going nuts!

I heard of packs of free video codecs, sounded handy, so I went and downloaded the Ace Mega Codecs pack. It installed cleanly, and I was very pleased with th output from some.

Then I discovered that the Real Audio player was no longer starting from web pages as required. I'm not sure it was this, but it does seem a big coincidence.

I reinstalled real player, but no joy (starting from Firefox or IE, or starting directly in Windows XP).

So I decided to uninstall the codec pack, only to find that:

a) Real Audo still won't start, even after reinstalling.

b) It has uninstalled almost every codec, including those installed long before!


Anyone got any brght ideas?

In the meantime I strongly advise others against trying this!