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Frank Cueto
06-27-2004, 12:01 PM
ok guys.

Here is my almost 2 year old reel. And it needs updating badly.

Please take a look at it, Tell me what you like, tell me what you don't like and specially what u hate about it.

There is A LOT OF WORK on this reel. So feel free to tell me to scrap anything in here. Since I am a jack of all trades, it is divided into 3 parts


and its big, u are warned, even at extreme divx compression it takes 30 megs.

click here for reel (http://www.reaktorpost.com/Spots/FrankReel.mov)

Be ruthless and FIRE AWAY


Frank Cueto

06-27-2004, 11:37 PM
The first thing is to make your Quicktime movie a "quick start" movie, so that it starts to play as soon a the first bit of the movie is loaded. Otherwise people have to endure a long download time without seeing any of your movie.

Finally loaded.... I liked the way the lettering flew into place but it seemed to be in some kind of different language ...but I wondered how legible it would be.

Lots of great work here. My only stuggestion is to think about the ordering of the clips and transitions so it flows a bit smoother, so that it moves from one clip to the next more seamlessly. It would be cool if you could use an elment from one clip to provide the focus to similar object of another clip

Some of the clips could be shorter with just the best stuff included.

Those are just a few initial impressions.

06-29-2004, 11:40 AM
I think the contents of the reel are great!!!

I just think the reel itself feels too long. My suggestion would be to make a video more like the first minute or so: fast moving with good music. You could split it up into three parts (Animation, FX, and Design) with quick, dynamic titles. Make it no more than two minutes long and end with a bang. You know, speed up the cutting or have the music swell or save your best stuff until last; or all three. But that last moment is what they'll remember. And then end with titles of your name and contact info.

Then, after that, have a section for the extended clips. That way, if they've been blown away by the first 2 minutes, they might want to take a look through the extended pieces. Put titles at the beginning of this section explaining what it is and at the beginning of each spot telling what you did on it.

Just my opinions. Hope this helps. :)