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06-26-2004, 11:53 PM
Just thought someone might like to know this. Did an upgrade of my primary system lately, thought I would report the results. First, my system was a P4 2.4 with 533bus, 1024RD-Ram, Nvidia GeForceFX 5600 256m. I upgraded to a 3.06 P4 (still 533 but supporting Hyperstreading, took some research but found this was the only processor not 800mhz fsb that supported HT)

Before the upgrade, with LW8 MeiniThings Audi test scene took 63.1seconds to render, after upgrade it was 50.3 seconds

Other reders, such as my own work, without radiosity seemed to render signifigantly faster, some as much as in half the time. (6.2sec to 3.9sec)

SasLite seemes to render faster but I don't have any numbers on this.

Anyway, just thought the numbers would be of intrest.


06-29-2004, 07:13 PM
Just wondering, what your your final image size? 640x480 or 320x240? And what was the antialiasing passes? Enhanced low or none? And how much would you say that upgrade cost you? Thanks..

06-30-2004, 09:58 AM
The default settings for the meini-things images. Open and render..