View Full Version : opening files seems slow in LW 8?

06-26-2004, 11:28 AM
I just upgraded to LW 8 on my PowerMac G4. I still haven't explored all the new features yet, but I did notice something strange when opening up scenes in layout.

When I download large scenes from my 7.5 projects, it seems very slow. One scene took about 45 seconds compared to 8 seconds on LW 7.5. Smaller and simpler files seem to open okay in 8, but not my larger scenes. The content directory is correct. It does the same thing on the PC also.

Both computers are fast and updated with the lastest software. I never had any trouble with LW 7.5. All downloads very quick.

Did anybody else experience this before? Is it because it is a 7.5 scene? Thanks.