View Full Version : Looking for Animation Submissions

06-25-2004, 01:58 PM
Hi ya'll.
I work at a Community College and I convinced them to let me do a little animation festival. It's non-competitve, so no prizes. :)

It's more an Animation screening, but we're calling it a festival because it's a celebration of animation.

I need enough animation shorts to fill one-half hour of cable channel airtime. If we get lots of cool stuff I can bump it to one-hour!

About 8 times per week, for the entire month of August, the Animation program will air to our local county audience - about 85,000 viewers.

So, if you have a short you'd love to share with our little society, send it in!

Visit this link: http://www.howardcc.edu/animation/ click on forms then download, fill out and return the Word Doc.

We do require a signature that you retain all rights to the audio and visuals in the submitted piece because it is cablecast.

We will also put a little bio of the artist as well as links to your website on our page.

But please, no demo reels. :)