View Full Version : FYI - Kiwavers (NZ) meeting, 23rd June 2004

06-25-2004, 05:50 AM
Anyway, so what happened at the last LWUG here in New Zealand? Here's the low-down!

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Not much this month - I had a small collection of video from the old "Space:Above and Beyond" TV show (some classic LW sci-fi work from Area51).

I also showed a still image or two from 'Return to Gaya', a CG movie with some potential...

And a small quicktime of a sparkling ocean I'd created as part of a tutorial I'd been working on many months ago for Corona...

I didn't make a huge announcement for this, however the lucky winner of a module from the Larry Shultz 'Professional Character Series' was Andrew Gillingham! Congratulations, and a big thanks to everyone else who took the time to enter and have a little fun! I'll try and put something together asap for the next one...

If you haven't check it out, please do so at


Yes, you can still vote, but they won't count for much anymore! :-)

Thanks to both Petrik and Simon for bringing their L8 CD's along so we could take another look at some of its new features!

This time, I wanted to show off some of the sexy-cool dynamic capabilities of LightWave - I created a brick wall, a particle emitter pouring rain and a cloth with an edge frame. By moving the cloth through the scene, I quickly demo'd (well, OK, after a little tweaking) how cloth, particles and hard body effects can all work nicely together! We also looked at SoftFX for adding jiggling effects to a ball... All very cool stuff!

This was then followed up with a question on creating chains and signage, which led into taking a look at Hard_Link - An amazingly easy tool that let us create a realistic chain effect by linking parts of a chain to a 2pt poly chain! Then onto EditFX (in Dynamics) and the 'Make Path' tool let us generate a null that followed a node on the chain, that we could then parent anything too - Demolition ball, nun-chuk, sign, etc!

Overall, Dynamics in LightWave are majorly kick-***** stuff! I'll try and get some more tips together and do some fun projects soon!

We broke for Tea time - Off to level 16 and the staff tea room. A great place to socialise and talk with people - I think this way we get away from everything and people get a bit more talky!

Show and tell this month whipped up some *****! Thanks to everyone for sharing their work and taking time to talk about things! Unfortunately we had to exit the building by 9:30pm and that cut a few things short (like the tutorials I was going to show) but it was great stuff!

Thanks for showing us a couple of your very excellent characters,
including the rigging approach you took to 'dismember' and 'reattach' them. Excellent character design too, in a neat Manga kinda way! :-)

Showed us a very funny and funky dancing robot animation. Its pure simplicity really worked well, and the robot rocked! :-)
Logan also demo's some quick examples he'd done for technical
presentations, a cool Celshaded 'Bel' from Beauty and the Beast, and some work he'd done for Aries Linux in the form of the Linux Penguin.

Showed us a WIP of a building he was working on for a short film he's producing with some other people. Keep us updated!

Simon started out showing us us some web work he'd been generating (An 'eaten' apple animated gif which looked great!).

He had also been playing with an excellent little modelling tool called 'Gene', Simon showed us some example renders of 'sea creatures' he'd created with this tool, then did a great little 'mini tutorial' of the plugin. Many thanks for taking the time to give us a run-down! Only apologies for the quick time frame we got jammed into...

GENE can be downloaded from: http://member.nifty.ne.jp/MASMAS/plugin/

While your there, check out some of the other cool plugins - Hyperweed does a great job in creating grass, if you're ever in need of a field of solid polygon-generated grass without saslite... There is (or was? I didn't check) an update in LScript that did stop this Hyperweed from running in LW7.x - Its easy enough to fix however... Here's an explanation:

" The Layer selection commands in LScript have changed since this LScript was written. The command 'setlayer()' should now be 'lyrsetfg()', the other one for the background is lyrsetbg(). Since the LScript is uncompiled, its an easy task to edit the code in a text editor, save it and try again. This works fine in LW7.5 with these small changes. "

Demo'd yet another awesome plugin he'd written - A particle rendering tool that worked like HV sprite mode, but could render both faster, and handle many many more particles without the failings of native HV's! He also had a pretty smart little depth-buffer effect that was equally impressive...

One scene contained over 4 million particles... Wow... That's cool stuff!

Ahhh, a LWUG show and tell wouldn't be the same if I didn't get my 5 minutes of fame into the pot... :-) I showed my latest WIP - A 'Marauder' vehicle from the kids show 'Roughnecks'. You can check it out online at http://www.spinquad.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1687&perpage=15&pagenumber=2

We had to break for the evening... Many thanks again to everyone involved!

The next LWUG will be in the middle of August where I'll hopefully have some stuff to show from this years Siggraph show (yes, I'm making it at last after all this time!)

This should give everyone a great chance to work on those fantastic pieces of artwork, animations, models and more... ;-)

See you all soon!