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06-25-2004, 02:36 AM
Hi all,
I have to make an animation with some apples that rolling and colliding on a machine with various belt conveyors.

I thought that Hard Body FX was the best way to it.

I plan to do this work in 2 steps:
1. Create a group of "simple meshed" apples to do the computation.
2. Then, after saving .bdd file, apply the motion on a "Hi-definition meshed" apples.

Simple Apples (http://www.videostudio1.com/Riky/simpleapples.jpg)
Detailed Apples (http://www.videostudio1.com/Riky/detailedapples.jpg)

I managed to do the "first step" of my project well, and I saved the .bdd file (I use a one layered object, and parts mode in HardBody FX)

The problem occours then I apply the .bdd file to the Detailed Apples: this operation takes a lot of time
Final scene has about 250 apples (divided in 4 groups, so I have 4 .bdd files, about 6MB each) and I have to wait about 30 minutes to load it in layout.

I thought that once saved the .bdd file, there it weren't a so big difference between apply the motion to the simple apples and detailed ones.

- In the Hard Body FX achitecture, is it a standard procedure to compute a motion with simple object to save time, and than apply it to the final-detailed object?
- Passing from simple to detailed object, is this huge loss of time normal?
- How can I fix or bypass this problem?

Thank You.

06-28-2004, 12:58 AM
UP :(