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philip kelly
06-23-2004, 09:21 AM
All this is a post from the softimage website, dis' forum.
This guy has had no feed back , and personally, lightwave could handel it, from what I have seen.
What do you guys think?

I am sure he would be delighted to hear from anybody with an idea.

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1 Posts Posted - May 28 2004 : 21:19:21
Ok, two "easy" questions from a currently non-XSI user. First, if I were to read in data from an external file to set up position and orientation (attitude) data, can I make the variables double precision (instead of single precision)? This would give me the accuracy I need (see question 2). Second question - can I easily model real size objects that are extremes in size? My example is a real need - I have to model a spacecraft in units of millimeters (the vehicle is roughly 1000.0 mm long (or one meter), but the detail of the object requires me to use a scale of millimeters) orbiting the Earth below, which in millimeters is roughly 637135300.0 mm in radius. All of this is animated and rendered simultaneously. Ok, before I get the standard "do you really have to do this" question, the answer is yes. I'm making a technical visualization of a spacecraft from launch to orbit insertion, through reentry and "death". I'll fly cameras and the vehicle based on reading in an external trajectory file with position and orientation data. I'll have to build a high-resolution launch site (buildings, trees, etc) and follow the vehicle from launch (on the Earth) into orbit. The Earth will use very high resolution textures, so it needs to be accurately sized or it will look bad. It seems from the Max and Maya forums that I'm an extreme case user, and they really can't help me much. I'm a Max user right now, but it's getting hard to push Max this hard and get nice results. Thanks in advance!

- Ric

Signal to Noise
06-23-2004, 12:13 PM
Man, sounds like Ric is one wealthy dude being able to jump from one program to another.;)

As for doing what he needs in LW I'm sure it can be done. Perhaps he could get in touch with Maas Digital (http://www.maasdigital.com/) about it. They did the Mars Rover simulations all in LightWave. Although Maas is a company maybe if Ric asks nicely he could get some help and advice. But then Ric is wealthy so he could just contract Maas to do it!

06-24-2004, 12:55 AM
The default size for lightwave is 1 meter. So I beleive lightwave can handle the size requirements. As far as inputting varable data, a plug in should handle that. If you know C languange, you should have no problem. I do not know if lightwave can handle double precision or not.
If this person needs to purchase a program before doing this project. They may want to concider a cad program to design anything that needs to be accurate. Both Turbo cad and Autocad can export to 3ds format. Autocad also has a 3d cad program called inventor which has Autocad bundled with it. Inventor can import and export 3dmax files.
I beleive that this person should mix and match cad with modeling to get the job done. Cad for accuracy and modeling for things organic like trees and grass.
There is always more than one way to do a job, and most people who are determined enough and have the artistic knowlege can make any project work with very little resources to work with.
By the way, if you did not know this Autocad is the parent company of Discreet the makers of 3dMax.

philip kelly
06-24-2004, 02:43 AM
I am sure he does know autocad and other packages, I think he has been in the business before, for long time too.
From my point of view, doing one entire model is mad.
The whole thing should be split up, and start sequence, and then passing throught the clouds could be the transition to the next model, and so on.
A good compositing package is the answer to the problem and 2 or 3 different models.

Softimage has referencing, I wish lightwave did, but it still handels big files.

Anyway interesting topic, I am sure the film sfx crowd could throw light on this subject for the boy.
Talk to you again soo.