View Full Version : Arrays in layout?

03-27-2003, 03:08 PM
is there a way to multiply objects in layout without having to create them in modeler? What I did was I created a whole bunch of houses/tents in modeler and i just brought the whole load of them in layout, but the problem with this method is that if I want to use a texture such as a tree to do it the same way, the texture will be off center from the object because it thinks the entire scene is an object. Here is what I think I should do and i just wanted to know if this would work. What if I created an array of nulls in modeler and then simply replaced the nulls with objects in layout. And is there a way to replace all of a certain name null with the same object for instance Null(1) Null (2) etc... having the same object as long as it's Null and if I want say another type of tree i'ds say like Smalltree(1) Largetree(1), Largetree(2) etc. Largetree being a different array set.

Also what would be cool is this. I would use the "spray points" command, make a null the target object and do point clone plus and it would put a whole bunch of nulls where the points were, and then i could replace all the nulls with say for instance trees.

of course spray points sprays points on all axes so what i did was set value and then the points all went down to 0 on the Y axis :)

03-27-2003, 03:27 PM
hm i'm dumb. Even if I did create multiple nulls in modeler, it would still be classified by one object dang. Also I can't find anything in modeler that is a null.