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06-21-2004, 06:42 PM
hey..i am using lightwave 8 and want to know how to make explosions, fire, and more or less blow ____ up. In the lightwave tutorials that are intergrated into lightwave 8 it says about the use of particle emitters. It says:

"If you wish to add a new Particle Emitter to your scene, choose Items > Dynamic Object>Particle. You can also add a particle emitter by choosing Emitter from the Add Dynamic drop down menu on the Dynamic tab in the Object Properties panel."

But...the "dynamic object" tab is grayed out.and only sometimes it decides to be available.is there something specific i have to enabe before the dynamic objects tab ungrays itself?

I have loaded all of the plugins so i know its not that!

Any help would be much appreciated.;)

(Screenshot attached)

06-21-2004, 07:20 PM
I was confused by that too, and still don't know what the dynamic objects are about, so hopefully someone else can tell us...

But if you want to mess with particles you can add a null, or any object and in "object properties", choose FX emmiter from the "add custom object" pulldown.

Then if you want to actually render those particles, go to the "scene" tab, open up "Hypervoxels" and double click on your emmiter object.

That will get you started...

06-21-2004, 08:34 PM
LOL! Whats up O!?
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Your plugins didnt get installed correctly when you installed LW.
You could basically reinstall the plugins, and reassign those buttons the correct plugins.