View Full Version : New Virtual Set Pack Vol 3 is now Available!

Eric Pratt
03-27-2003, 01:38 PM
Virtualsetworks is proud to announce the arrival of Virtual Set Pack Vol 3. This volume features many new sets you have asked for including News and Sports Desks, Corporate Offices, and a variety of new Presentation Environments. These sets are designed to work with the Video Toaster [2] or [3] live or in post. Each Volume contains 20 sets, and each set has on average 10 angles, each angle has foreground mattes for objects like desks and background mattes to put video into any TVs or monitors in the set. Virtual sets are a great way to economize on space and increase the visual impact of your productions. Doing Virtual Sets in post in TEd allows you to scale your talent into the set simulating depth and do powerful transitions between each set angle. Check out the new sets at www.virtualsetworks.com (http://www.virtualsetworks.com/Products.VirtualSetPack.htm)