View Full Version : FIBER CH vs SCSI U320 VIDEO STORAGE

06-19-2004, 06:48 PM
Greets to All

I am looking for a lowercost Video capture Drive For My VideoToaster 2 Animators edtion.

I Need to have RealTIME Capture For Live Switching .. i cant afford 3000.00 For a decent unit and was looking for options .
will the VT work with a Fiberchannel Storage system using a Adaptec 9110G 64Bit PCI 1 GB Fibre Channel Card ?

ive seen quite a few such arrays on ebay for 1000+
(Xyratex Digital Video Editing Array 436 GB Fiber Drive) anyone have any experiance with Fiber Channel ?
recomendations ?

by looking at the numbers for speed i would ask will the VT2 Capture card handle Live switching and realtime edititng with such a setup ?

any help would be welcome

thank you