View Full Version : Can you play VOB files inside of VT3? Church application

06-17-2004, 10:02 AM
Our church has licenses that allow us to watch clips from movies for public presentation. I search the pages here and didn't really come across and answer for my question.

I would like to take 2 min clips from DVD's and recording them on HD for DDR playback. (A lot easier then DVD Pausing etc)
I can "rip" the clip in less then a minute. The resulting file is a 50MB VOB file.

The VOB has both audio and video... but will not load in VT3. Since VOB is really MPEG2, i changed the extension from.VOB to .MP2 Still doesn't load in VT3.

Keeping it short and sweet, do i need to convert the vob file to something else? If so what would I use... (Don't need anything special as it's just usually 2 min clip ..


Thank-you in advance.

06-17-2004, 10:38 AM
Your system needs an MPEG-2 codec. Someone had mentioned in another thread that the Elecard codec works well with VT3.