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06-16-2004, 05:57 AM
recently I have been working with clothfx and out of nowere I kept getting an error when I opened up my Lw scenes (clothfx node match error) and the sceens wouldn't render correctly..

Not to worry I found what was causeing the problem, if your cloth is a subdivisional surface you must have the subdevision order set to last, not only does this fix the problem but it seems to calculate faster... This has taken me a couple of days to find out what was going wrong.

I hope in writting this that I have helped someone with this same problem.

I hope this tip is added to the help files or if it already is I suggest that It is highlighted..

if I discover any over handy hints I will certanly send them in
Thanks for viewing. Mat


06-16-2004, 06:35 AM
Yeah, but I think this a conscious decision on ino's part (well, I hope so!) because the old MD wouldn't let you use it on SUB-d's unless they were set to last. Now you can use it on first sub-ds which allows you to change the complexity of the mesh and calculation easily. If you set it to last, it performs the calc on the base mesh (which has fewer points!) and is therefore faster. If something's not accurate, bump up the number of Sub-d's and then it will be more accurate at a cost of time in calculation.

Of course, should you change it to last, then the calc will be wrong, and ClothFX won't be able to match the nodes.

A good move IMHO :)