View Full Version : BOOLDOZER under construction

06-15-2004, 03:12 PM
Hello all, a new boolean operation tool is under construction now, within the next days, i'll show some images that explain the project clearly, it'll b a tool that can operate all kind of boolean , within the same panel, including different type of selection and operation (-B or B-A), next improvment and upgrades will support many useful and waited features, version 0.9 can b ready within a few days.
About me, i'm an architect, interrested with boolean operation for solids and shapes, and want a clean boolean opeartion that support a lot of features.
Now the point if u now lscripting and interrested to help this project come true, plz contact me on : [email protected] or leave me a P.M., i really need help from pro now to complete going with this tool, any suggestion or help will b greatfully welcomed.