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02-11-2003, 05:06 PM
Simon Brewer - Freelance 3D Artist

http://www.virtualvalley.co.uk/simonbanner.jpg (http://www.virtualvalley.co.uk)

Specialising in artwork for:

Product Visualisation
Architectural Design/Visualisation
High-Res Images for Print
Historical Reconstruction
3D Animation
Low-Poly Models for Games
High-Poly Models for Scientific/University use
Logo Design and Animation
Image Retouching

Also available:
php/SQL-driven websites and hosting
Professional video shooting and editing
DVD/VideoCD mastering

Client list and many more images on website:

www.virtualvalley.co.uk (http://www.virtualvalley.co.uk)

www.virtualvalley.co.uk/create.html (http://www.virtualvalley.co.uk/create.html)

Email me: [email protected]