View Full Version : Is this a glitch? (Mirror + numeric)

03-27-2003, 02:15 AM
Lately I've been modelling a head and at times when I choose "shift V" to Mirror the geometry it shows the cursor change to "mirror" mode. However when I hit "n" to open the numeric panel, all of my geometry (all layers as well) vanish--and undo and revert are of no help (says that it can't undo or revert)...

...is this a glitch..? or maybe I'm the glitch and doing something wrong?:(

03-27-2003, 09:54 AM
Check to make sure that you don't have your caps lock pushed down. Did you check at the top to see if you switched to a new model file. Make sure that the name of your model is still listed at the top of the screen after it vanishes. If it did disappear, you can usually use the dropdown at the top of the screen to pull your model back. This has happened to me more then once.

Did you also just try using the menu key for mirror instead of the shortcut?