View Full Version : Idea for a new plugin ??

06-13-2004, 11:07 AM
Just had this idea, donno if it can work but maybe there's a programmer in here with some time on his hands that likes the idea.

The idea is a morph plugin that makes it possible to morph the Subdivided object but still lets me use the bones BEFORE the object is Subdivided.

This way it should be possible to have something like ZBrushes Normal displacement within Lightwave using endomorphs.

It would work like this :

- You freeze your geometry in Modeler with the same amount you're using to render the object in Layout, so if you render at a SubPatch level of 3 you freeze the object in Modeler at a Subpatch level of 3.

- You add more detail to your model using the new geometry.

- And here comes the great part ; You use the tweaked model as a morph target for your low rez object and because the morphing happens AFTER the object has been Subdivided but the deformation takes place BEFORE, you can animate the low rez and use a very detailed object for rendering.

-It would be even greater if it would allow using the vertices of a SubD level of 3 for morphing, but would let me use a higher level for rendering. So then I would have a low rez cage for animating, a SubD level of 3 for teh Morph and a SubD level of 8 for rendering. But I doubt Lightwave would allow a feature like that considering the problems programmers have with SubD level settings.

I did a little test saving a level 3 SubD object from Layout with save transformed. Then I froze the original in Modeler with the save SubD level and loaded the Transformed one. The great thing was, I could use the Frozen original as a morph target for the Transformed one from Layout without any trouble.

So I think this might actualy work.

If only I knew how to program plugins ;-)

What do you guys think ?