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06-11-2004, 05:32 PM
Well, last week I did two days on Battle Star Galactica currently being shot here in Vancouver at Vancouver Film Studios on stage G. Lot's of fun. I miss studio work!

Oh yes, everyone was there. Starbuck, Apollo, Adama, Boomer etc and oh yeah... Me. With the VT3 (Imagecorp's traveling visual FX system known as the M.O.J.O. in-house) doing highspeed playback, realtime visual FX shot checking, keying all taken from a nice clean HD sourced video tap stepped down to SD for video assist. directors monitors and other gack >> i.e. me and the box.

Lot's of cool stuff going on in the show for sure. And while I can't really talk about what sequences I worked on with the Visual FX supervisors (who are a great pair of dudes) I can say that the VT3 and our system operated smooth as butter. :)

What's next?? Looks like it might be Stargate: Atlantis for a week but that's still being worked out but we will be pushing things to the max with full blown motion control shooting, multiple plate mixes and speed ramping! Oh yes... try that with an avid! In real-time! hah! :)

More later from behind enemy lines (canada).

Marchinng onward toaster soldiers! Or Viper Pilots.. whatever. :P

06-11-2004, 06:50 PM
Sounds Awesome!!!!!!! You get any comments on your vt3?

06-11-2004, 07:04 PM
Very nice to hear.

Thanks for sharing such inspirational stuff.

06-11-2004, 07:26 PM
Oh yah for sure we do. But people usually drool over the 22inch LG LCD Monitor. Go here and check it out. www.imagecorp.net


The system is more than a VT3. There are some custom tweaks inside to make it do a few other things and appropriate for on set us.

We will be building systems specifically for video and vfx assist in the near future competing directly with Cinelogic boxes which are out of date and obsolete.

happy times.

06-21-2004, 07:00 PM
We need to get a user profile on you for the NewTek website!!!

That is pretty sweet stuff!

06-21-2004, 11:00 PM
Yes yes.
The MGM Marketing team is up from Los Angeles tomorrow and we are going to be speaking with them. You should call me. Get the number from www.blacktigerrecordings.com > contacts section Vancouver office.

Stargate SG:1 and hopefully as things progress, SG:Atlantis are/is the first TV show to take full advantage of our system (which is based around the VT3) for visual FX assist in history.

Today, our main goal was "replicating" an actor so she could talk to herself, match eyeline, and have her original plate dialog playback while recording the next plate with her "responding" to herself and interacting on time while the director could watch the mixed live version and the main raw camera feed. We could do it all on the M.O.J.O (Motion-control Operation Joint Overlay) box without a hitch. We couldn't get to our MOCON shot this evening but tomorrow we are loaded with full passes, dialog playback for the actors, pulling component and composite from HD>SD taps (need that HD version ASAP boys.. beta or not - we can use it today even for straight capture), green screen keying, maybe even some previs stuff.

I really really need to talk to someone in hardware about the SX-8. What I need on set is more like an SX-4 with distribution amps and VGA cable type deals in and out for doing long runs to the HD video village dude and back instead of running 3 cables.

We have VGA DA's but for now because its all being stepped down to SD, we just run composite unless we are really close and pull full component which looks smoking on the nice sony 14inch monitors that we unfortunately have to hall on to set each morning. Blah.

Anyway, my call is for 5AM for tomorrow so I am out of here.

Philip. Call me, leave a message or something, and I will call you back with a number. If I can get the MGM people to chat with us tomorrow it may lead to some coverage else where of the magic box and what makes it go. WE ARE the only people in north american using this system matched up with a full mocon rig in one package that can offer this level of flexibility on a TV or feature budget while keeping set ups in most cases to under 15 minutes from drop to shot.

06-22-2004, 09:10 AM
Keep me posted how things go on the set. Glad to see things are going well for you.

06-24-2004, 05:54 PM
Overall everything went very well this week.

We did have a small piece of gear fail on us (but it was not part of our own rig) that turns our timecode audio signal into a GPI event which triggers the recorded move of the hotgears head. this is important because we are usually playing back a dialog track for the actors to respond to which was in the first "Pass' read by one of the actors present in the first (but is being cloned in the second pass) or by an assistant director or stand in off camera and we cut out the dialog at that point for the second pass so they can do their thing in time to the blocking laid out in rehersals. Because of this there was a bit of 'pressure' on set for a few minutes but we eventually pulled the defective gack out of the line and did it the old fashioned way and after the shot was complete we quickly lined up our "bloop lights" and verified the shot.

At the end of the day though this got me to thinking "gee the SX-8 has a GPI port on it... I really wish I had the ability to remove that little box that failed and just send the damd signal that I need to trigger the HG unit directly, moving the trigger point on my time line to anywhere I want" but no... that's not currently possible. So, please newtek, give me access to what I need know about the hardware/software to get this to work the way we need it to.

Paul/Philip/Andrew, get on a conference call and give me a buzz. Must do... not unwarranted feature request, this is the cutting edge of visual FX assist hands down. Don't ignore it because someone thinks its not worth the development time. It is!!