View Full Version : Lw 2 Fcp

06-09-2004, 10:57 PM
Hi All,

Newbie here, but I've been wrangling LW to QT for computer presentation for a while. Now it's time to add video/DV to the repetoire, which is, other than a very basic knowledge of Final Cut Pro, unfamiliar territory.

Specifically, I'm trying to take LW image files into FCP and output to DV. (Thanks for the great tutorial on 16 bit LW PSD's, Beamtracer!) My 16 bit LW files look fine when opened in Photoshop or AfterEFX, but when I bring them into FCP, there's significant color banding. What's the deal and how does one solve this?

I know many of you must have wrestled with this issue, so a "recipe" would sure be appreciated.

Many thanks!