View Full Version : lightwave and sn

06-09-2004, 03:31 PM
do you have to have lightwave installed a computer to add it to screamernet? i have a small network of 2 systems right now, but would like to utilize the other 20 or so systems in my office.

06-11-2004, 08:19 AM
you have LW to be installed on one computer, the host, from this you can render with up to 999 nodes^^

06-14-2004, 05:45 PM
Yeah only the host system will need to have LightWave installed. The other systems will just have to have access to the LightWave folder but you will set that up when you start configuring screamernet. Here is a tutorial from another post. http://www.newtek-europe.com/Stuff/...et_Tutorial.pdf