View Full Version : RTVs in After Effects (non-Toaster systems)

Bionic Antboy
06-08-2004, 08:54 AM
We just recently upgraded our systems, and I've just tried to install Newtek's RTV I/O plugin for After Effects (5.5) on my WinXP Pro system (non-Toaster).

It worked fine on the old Win2K system, but on the new one, when I boot up AE, I get the "path/to/RTVIO.aex" could not be loaded (127) error. From that point, AE works fine, except for RTV support of course.

I remember using Bob Tasa's plugin, and copying DLLs to the non-Toaster system to make it functional, but even moving DLLs over doesn't help.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...