View Full Version : Particle emitter linking problem and ?s

06-07-2004, 02:38 PM
so I have my particle emitter and Ive replaced the particles with coins and they look fine but they dont randomly rotate enough. so I have 2 ?s
1. when your setting up fx linker and your putting the values in for the rotate size etc. if I hit 360 does that mean 360 degrees? or is it how many times they rotate.
question 2.
If I want to erase the coins that I have linked already to the emitter and re link them with more rotation
how do I re link them to the particles.
because I deleted the coins that were linked previously to the emitter, and when I try to relink the coins and add more random rotation they dont show up.
or they are not taking the particles place and are just being placed where the emitter is, rather then where the particles are.
and are not showing any of the particles actions.

Julian Johnson
06-07-2004, 11:47 PM
The values for random rotation and random spin are in degrees. I'd play with setting your initial random rotation min and max to -720,-720 -720 for min and 720, 720, 720 for max and do the same for Random Spin. It's Spin that will control the spinning of the coin in flight.

If you delete the FX_Linked items, make sure that you go into the motion options for the one remaining coin (assuming you leave one in the scene) and remove the FX_Link plugin for that one as well. If you FX Link it again without removing it the coins will be associated with the next range of particle numbers. For example, if you have an emitter giving off 40 particles and you FX Link 40 coins the motion plugin will initially associate the coins with 0 - 40. If you then delete all the coins except the original one without removing the FX Link motion plugin the next set of coins you FX_Link will be associated with particles 40-80 which don't exist...not sure if this is what's going on but worth a look.


06-08-2004, 10:25 AM
hey julian thanks that solved the problem, I wasnt aware of the motion options
when you use fx linker. thanks for the help