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06-03-2004, 06:56 PM
I've made some lscripts to quickly and easily change the visibility of layers. The zip file is attached to the thread at http://vbulletin.newtek.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=23905 and when I get some time I guess I'll put them on my website too.

I've only tested these on LW8 in XP so tell me if you have any trouble .. or new ideas.

06-04-2004, 08:51 AM
If you've downloaded this please go and download it again because the original scripts had a bug where they'd only work on the first layer. I've also added a new script to the collection. And I tested the scripts on 7.5 and they seem to work fine.

06-04-2004, 09:16 AM
Ok, I have these up on my website with some nice pictures too. You can find them at http://www.ghostoutpost.com/lscript.php?code=2

06-04-2004, 09:42 AM
Those look handy, thanks for sharing them!

06-04-2004, 01:31 PM
handy indeed. Added them to my keyboard shortcuts.

Cheers !

06-04-2004, 06:45 PM
Sweet, thanks Carma

06-04-2004, 08:55 PM
Cool, thanks for trying them out guys :)

06-05-2004, 04:38 AM
to be integrated in 8.5.

So usefull...

06-05-2004, 09:59 AM
Thanks for the praise. I thought Bytehawk adding them to his keyboardshortcuts was a good compliment, but you've beaten him by asking for integration titane357 ;)

Anyway, I've added a new script. layertoolspanel.ls will pop up a window with all of my layer tools, as well as layer swap. So instead of assigning 7 shortcut keys to my scripts or putting them all in the layers section of the interface you can just add a shortcut to this script (or put it in a menu). The window will shut as soon as you've clicked on which script you want to run, so after you've pressedthe button you don't need to waste time pressing ok or whatever. This script does reference my scripts however so to use layer tools panel you must have the other scripts installed, and you must not rename them (unless you want to edit the scripts). I've also added some error messages so you wont get lscript errors.

You can get this new version from http://www.ghostoutpost.com/lscript.php?code=2 , and just like the old one all the lscripts are in one zip, so just put them in a directory and add them in lightwave. You don't need to add layertoolspanel if you don't want to. If you don't think you'll use this new script you don't really need to download this again either.

06-06-2004, 03:08 AM
LW lake of "simple" tools like vertex alignement (thanks to Xnap,..), custom plane (thanks to jettolocal), deformations (thanks to C_bend,...) and the list is infinite.
I use these tools every days. Best tools are not the most complex ones.
Thanks for all people that share these tools.:D

Hope NT give us the opportunity to organize all tools better.
I'd vote for an extended floating menus.
Screen can be divided in 4 or 6 zones.
When "ctrl"+"shift" in a zone u could have a different custom menu...