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06-02-2004, 02:28 AM
Hello, using ACS4 with a simple model and using the simple FK no weights rig provided with ACS4, I discovered something strange.... I load the scene, everything's perfect... I load ACS4 picker (it'll bug without it also), and start moving and rotating bones... well for the leg bones, no problem as well as root bones, no prob. , the model deforms near real time on screen, everything is fast, but when I select a bone in the arms, the entire layout act like if the model was 2,000,000 polys ! just selecting anything is a real drag, but as soon as I reselect another bone, or the model itself, everything's fine again...! weird.... err... so in the end it's totally unusable... voilà !!:rolleyes: :mad: :confused:

06-02-2004, 02:37 AM
BTW, this is doing this just in the arms bones, and just selecting it (to become highlited) takes 2 or 3 seconds.... weirdo stuff... should I e-mail Lukas the scene....,?:confused:

06-02-2004, 02:24 PM
Salut hervé

I don't have that kind of problem with ACS4 and Lw8.

Contact Lucaz and maybe he could find what's wrong.

Laurent, Paris