View Full Version : Newtek deserves kudos and a thank you

06-01-2004, 02:25 PM
Please read this in full. This is not a rant, but a thank you.

Having ordered Lightwave 8 upgrade back on March 21/ 04 I have not yet received my cd. I had waited with baited breath to the arrival of the software. So much that I had started a post with my concerns. Unfortunately, and understandibly, the post was removed. I would assume this had to do with the potential loss of future sales. My post was not malicious or degrading, or trying to degrade NT in any way. Infact I made sure that I was very pleased with NT and enjoy LW fully and I do not intend to switch software. That post was made about 3 weeks ago.

Chuck Baker had sent me an email stating that he had forwarded my concerns to customer service after I was unable to reach customer service due to my time constraints and forgetfulness.

I would like everyone to know that Newtek is very concerned about their customers and users of their product. And rightly so. I found that when I had purchased my LW upgrade through a reseller which I will not name because I'm very happy with their service too and don't want this email to be taken the wrong way but somewhere along the lines there was a mix up and my information was not sent or received by NT. I had talked to a very nice and extremely polite person I would say overly appoligetic but understandable I guess and she immediately contacted the reseller to confirm the order and asked for me to fax my invoice to her. In a matter of 30 minutes she called back stating that my order had been processed and my upgrade is being shipped and that I will receive it in about 7 days.

Thank you very much Melissa. It is very much appreciated which is why I'm writing and posting this letter. Everyonce in a while I notice that some people tear into and complain about NT, I've been guilty of expressing my sorrows as well, but I would like everyone to know that NT is doing not only the best that they can, they are very much trying to exceed everyones expectations. Sometimes this isn't recognize by all. So before anyone rants about something not working ask first before screaming. Because if we online can't help you, NT can.

NT has done and is doing everything it can to keep bringing new advances to LW and if we give them constructive criticism and positive suggestions, it will make the process so much better not only for NT, but for us too.

Thank you for reading.