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06-01-2004, 01:02 PM
Ok, I need some help with the toaster setup. I've had several calls into my distibutor over the last couple of days with no call back and I really need my machine to work.

Windows 2000 went corrupt so I had to re-install it. I was told previously not to repair it, but to re-install.

I re-installed my Raid drivers, but windows is not listing it with my other drives. I used the Device Manager and it says my controllers are working fine, and I used the find hardware wizard which locates my SCSI's and says they are in working order.

My question is how do I see my RAID?

Onto the other part I've done the toaster re-install a couple of times in the past, but I haven't done it with the fresh windows install, so I'm pretty sure I'm missing something here.

If I click on the preferences link, or right click the desktop to load my saved Toastersettings my computer just restarts.

The rest of my functions seem to be okay including the switcher, the SX-8, and other modules.

I know I've got to just be missing a simple thing or two, but without my dealer calling me back I'm kinda stuck right now.

Thanks for any help.

Scott Bates
06-01-2004, 01:36 PM
To get the raid back go to Disk Management (in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management). Your raid drives should show up there, probably as individual drives. Right-click on one of them in the left hand column where it says "Disk #", select "Import Foreign Disks..." and it should recognize and re-establish the raid as it was before with the data intact.

Can't help you with the other problem, but I think it's been discussed somewhere here in the past.

06-04-2004, 11:15 AM
A good recommendation if you lose the OS but what if you lose the RAID due to an abortive attempt and a windows ME install.
This is what caused me to lose everything including the IDE drive which had the OS on it.

In the new Windows 2K installation the 4 Raid SCSI's are visable but they are marked "unreadable" the right side is grey and blank, I cannot right click it.

Any other ideas would be most appreciated.

Scott Bates
06-04-2004, 01:08 PM
What was the "abortive attempt"? What were you attempting to do and what aborted?

... and a windows ME install Are you saying you installed the Windows ME operating system (as opposed to W2K or WinXP Pro)? If so, Windows ME has never been an OS that VT[x] will run on. I'm not sure it even supports Raid setups, but I'm no expert.

In your Why not Raid 5? (http://vbulletin.newtek.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=24096) post you said your system IDE drive died which caused you to lose the OS (W2K?). Here you're saying (I think) that "an abortive attempt and a windows ME install" caused your system drive to die which caused all the other problems. What was the specific sequence of events that caused your current misery? Which OS were you running at the time? Not sure it matters, but which version of VT are you running? More specific information about the root causes of the problem would give us a better chance of helping you get running again, with your raid data intact.

In the new Windows 2K installation the 4 Raid SCSI's are visable but they are marked "unreadable" the right side is grey and blank, I cannot right click it. Are there any options available when you right-click on the left column for any one of your SCSI drives? Or is that what you're saying, that there are no options available in either column when you right-click on them? I've never personally had an "unreadable" drive so that's beyond my experience, but it's sounding like you may have to re-stripe your SCSI set to get it back, losing you data in the process.

06-04-2004, 02:48 PM

OK you asked..... This gets complicated. My system is (or rather was) rather unique. I ran a dual boot system. The toaster (VT2) runs on Windows 2000 pro. I can also boot the computer into the Japanese language version of Windows ME using a program called system commander. Toaster on NTFS partition & Japanese on a FAT 32 partition in the same drive.

The Japanese ME program was not working correctly after I changed motherboards in the computer. I was running in ME when I attempted a re-install of the OS. About half way through the installation process, the computer froze. When I re-started it again all was lost. None of my drives were readable.

I sent the IDE drive in to a data recovery company and got back all the data on it. Meanwhile I installed a new IDE drive and Windows 2K. Then I re-installed the toaster onto this new drive. With the recovered data I was able to restore my system to it's previous configuration minus the Japanese system.

I do not plan to return to this dual boot system. I bought a computer that is dedicated to Japanese as the "one system fits all" configuration caused a lot of problems.

There are only two things I am still having trouble with. One is getting the SCSI array (with its data) back and getting the toaster to control my betacam SP decks through the serial port and SX8. (The latter I have been dealing with in a seperate thread)

[/QUOTE] Are there any options available when you right-click on the left column for any one of your SCSI drives?

In the left colum, right ckicking gives me the option of changing the drive to basic. (currently it is dynamic) Naturally I have not done this because to do so would destroy the data. I am not sure if, once I decide to wipe it and start over, changing it to basic will make it "readable" or not. I don't know why it is currently listed as "unreadable" my guess is that somehow the ME install re-wrote the boot sector...??

Scott Bates
06-04-2004, 04:09 PM
Yikes!!! Complicated, I guess.

You've hit the limits of my Windows knowledge Tom. Hopefully some of our gurus will show up with some good news answers.

I'm guessing you're right that converting your SCSI stripe drives from dynamic to basic will wipe them out as far as existing data goes and that the ME install must have hosed them. Doesn't do you any good now, but I just added a note to my OS installation crib sheet to unplug my stripe sets before any future OS installs. Hindsight is wonderful :( Good luck, I hope someone comes up with a workable solution for you.

ps - took a look at your web site, you've got quite an operation going there. You've got a third of the globe covered, when are you going for the rest of it? :D I think I'll be in Portland in early August to see my son and his wife, I might try to look you up if you're in town at the time.

06-04-2004, 05:54 PM
Alright, my problem ended being two-fold.

The Raid Problem was caused by a power splitter that had gone awry. Changed the splitter and everything was good.

Problem 2 was my system hard drive was starting to take a crap on me. Somehow I was able to keep it working by re-installing windows, but that didn't work for very long. Luckily I was able to salvage the few files that were on that drive that weren't backed up already. I believe that led to the fact that the Toaster wasn't up to full speed.

But now all is well again. I even still have my Raid intact.

Again thanks for the help.