View Full Version : Cleaning out the Studio and selling a bunch of gear!

James Moore
06-01-2004, 09:53 AM
As the blurb says on the webpage linking all the items http://www.valisinc.com/ebay/eindex.html

"Valis is cleaning house. As with any post/production studio, over the years, gear can accumulate. As time marches on, some of this gear, although fully functional, ends up stored in a closet or corner. Since we're going through another round of upgrading and studio reconfiguring, and our storage space is running low, we've decided to put some of the gear up for sale, hoping it will find a good home with a pro or hobbyist user somewhere in the world."

A number of things ranging from a Toaster/Flyer, amiga ethernet cards, to analogue editing stuff. Check it out, no reserves anywhere in sight!

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