View Full Version : Offline CG Creator?

05-27-2004, 08:00 PM
I am currently researching the VT3 for use in a live production environment.

We do a live 3 camera production at our church weekly, which I manage. We use Inscriber CG Supreme for all keys, Panasonic MX70 switcher, 2 DVD players for all VTR inserts, etc. I'm looking to replace all this with a VT[3]

One of the things that I like to do is create alot of my CG work in Photoshop (lower thirds, for example) - so I'm glad to see some discussion about this (bradl's script from last fall!!!).

I am anticipating that when I purchase VT[3], I'll be getting the ministry bundle, with the Genesis addon.

I'm looking for some feedback on Genesis, as well as overall thoughts regarding VT's CG engine.

How well are worship lyrics managed? Is anyone familiar enough with programs like Easyworship to compare this, in terms of user-friendliness, database management, etc.

Secondly, what options exist for installing the CG engine on a non-production machine, for the purpose of creating CG layouts and them moving them onto the production machine?

How well does it work to create lower thirds, bugs, etc. in Photoshop and import into VT's CG engine?

I am planning to purchase the VT[3], SX-8, and RS-8. Is it possible to plug in external sources to be keyed with the DSK?

When using the RS-8 for switching, how well does it work to have a second operator at the keyboard/mouse for the purpose of firing CG's? My intent is to continue using broadcast monitors for monitoring cameras, with my director and switcher at these positions, while the keyboard and mouse, and computer monitors available for the CG operator. Will this work?