View Full Version : bone rotation weirdness ik_booster

05-27-2004, 07:21 PM
I've set up a simple skelegons rig for a cat.
I take it into layout apply the ik_booster plugin then proceed to set up restrains limits etc (re the sample video tut). I have tried changing the control coordintates between work local and parent with no difference.

When i created the leg skelegon in modeler i used only one view port, but the rotational axis are different for a child bone.
I then went into modeler and adjusted the skelegon rotation (even though they appeared to be correct!).

I am getting alot of bone rotational weirdness i layout.
for example on an old rig i used the channel follower plugin to adjust a pitch rotation on a bone but it only rotates on the heading. EVEN when i apply it to rotate on the heading channel its still rotates on the heading. Weird?

ONE last thing.
I have attempted to adjust my original bone i had made in 7.5c using the adjust bone tip and joint tools but when i hit commit (space bar) the rest length and position completely changes and moves -thus making the model useless.
Granted i have been trying this on a scene with the model already set up with ik and goals.

I have attempoted all week to search for any more info on these tools or bugs or anything wihtout success. So if anyone has any thought i'd apprectiate it!