View Full Version : Rigging Revisited & Endoquestion

05-27-2004, 12:40 PM
Wow! Great tutorial DVD by Todd Grimes! I learned a lot from it. Especially when he explained "why" something needs to work a certain way, not just how.

Anyway, despite the success in understanding 99% of the technique of rigging, I encountered a glitch in my recreation that I would appreciate if someone could identify the problem.

Specifically, when I tested the rotation of the TIPTOE null, I had a foot that was jumping or popping up and down, and gradually sliding beneath the null as I rotated. I had a similar problem with the BALL null. I could not get the foot to smoothly "roll" up onto the ball of the foot. Again, jumpy response as I rotated, foot slipping below the floor, and a knee joint that fought the rotation. Anyone experience this phenomenon and know what I need to rework?

Question on Endomorph adjustment...
I have a character ready for skelegons, and it has many endomorph maps in it. But I modeled it facing forward. When I rotate it so that it is facing the +Z axis, and look at the endomorphs for the Eyes and Eyelids, they are distorted. Is there a fix to get the endomorphs re-aligned to the -180 rotation I put on the Base object?