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05-26-2004, 07:23 AM
Hi All

We just purchased a VT3 system, RS-8 and SX8. I am having issues with switcher delay when I hard switch between sources. Also I get a glitch from time to time when hard switching which results in system lockup followed by realtime media engine launch has encountered a problem. If I hit the take button it seems to work ok. In most cases a TD will hard switch opposed to using the take button simply because it is much faster to take a shot this way. The delay is about one and half seconds long and does not always happen. Also when I pull on the RS-8 TBAR slowly the transition shakes, and this happens all the time. If I pull the software TBAR slowly the transtion remains steady throughout the pull. I also see video breakup in the preview monitor when swithing is that normal? I would appreciate any help you can provide on these issues it is a real problem when trying to do professional broadcast video. Please note this VT3 was purchased as an integrated system by a New Tek dealer I did not put it together myself, and the New Tek dealer claims that the switching issue is normal to the operation of the VT3 and you must hit the take button to switch . He also claims that the TBAR issue is being investigated by New Tek. They may have gotten a bad shippment of RS-8 switchers. This is the second switcher he has sent me.


John Perkins
05-26-2004, 09:03 AM
The delay when simply punching up a source on main is normal.

There are only two genlock/framesyncs in the VT. If the B source isn't on preview then it isn't in sync yet. The delay is the time it takes for the VT to sync the source.

If the B source just happens to be on Preview already, it looks fine with no delay. This may explain the seeming randomness of the problem.

The breakup on Preview is also normal. The quality of the Preview "take" isn't of great importance so you actually see what is happening behind the scenes of your delay problem. You are seeing it sync up.

EDIT: If the Preview isn't stable DURING a transition, no this is not normal and it sounds like a PCI throughput problem such as a shared IRQ on the VT card or lack of/old Intel chipset drivers. This is assuming you have a decently fast CPU.

As for the crashing, something is wrong. VT's are the most stable systems I see since the 4909 build.

You might list your hardware and what slot ALL cards are in.

Easy things to check are that NView is disabled in the Nvidia drivers, newest Nvidia drivers, DirectX9.0b, no DirectCD type software and that the VT card has a non-shared IRQ. Bad RAM can also bite you in the strangest places.

Does the RS-8 work on the dealers system? If so, it is again pointing towards a problem with your system.

Good luck.

05-26-2004, 10:08 AM
Originally posted by mmuhler
I am having issues with switcher delay when I hard switch between sources.

This happens on any switcher that has built in frame sync just for the program and preview bus. We have the same problem when our TD try to hardswitch the Panasonic MX50 switcher. The effect of this can be reduced if all your sources are genlocked so they are already sync'ed, but I believe you will still experience up to a frame delay in the switch. [Can someone confirm or deny this?]