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05-26-2004, 04:16 AM
Yay, i get to retype this...

alright, first off Let me give you alittle background on myself.

I'm a 22 year old Graphic art student in the Boulder Colorado area, i have taken just about every 2d artwork program my campus offers, along with various drawing classes. mostly playing the roll of Jellyfish drifting aimlessly through collage.
i have almost found my place in Multimedia graphic design, but i just don't think it fits quite right.

My (not so) brief history in 3-D animation:

alright, around my sophmore year of highschool i moved to colorado from california, where i was pleased to discover the school district had a program revolving around the CDC (career development center) over the next three years i took everything i could get in their enginering technology department, where i was first introduced to 3-d animation software. at the time all we had were Infini-D licenses and it peaked my intrest so i spent most of my class time (and on more than one occation skipped other classes to stay working in the lab - once or twice entire days) the instructor running the lab at the time was a great man, and looking back may be a personal hero, noticed my intrest and that of a few other students and worked the budget to bring in a Bryce 3-d licence, and a Lightwave license.
Unfortanatly, the lab assistant incharge of maintaining the computers screwed something up wich voided the sirial number or something as i remember resulting in the software locking up after seven days. unfortanetly the assistant never fixed that problem, as i was the only student that showed intrest in the program. probbably the only one that saw it's potential, and i was extreamly dissapointed. The instructor was verry buisy, and then retired before it could be fixed. this left me again with Infini-D, and i even became proficent with it.

i have kind of been given a second chance, as a friend of mine has an educational license and lost intrest in the program - i guess he just thought it would be fun to have or something.

anyway i have fallen in love with the software again, and i have always had a dream of working in computer animation. it's not quite the same thing, But the Visuals in "TRON" have always filled my heart with wonder and awe since i was little. and Pixar and Dreamworks only made things worse (and every other little visual in TV or Movie)

i have the Will to learn the software, but i do not know if i have the talent - and the question of "What if i fail?" has always held me back. as failing would more or less confirm that my dream is out of my reach. but then again never to try to acheive that dream would be worse.

so here are the questions:

What school would i be able to learn the software at? (preferably in my area, but for this i would be willing to travel)

what kind of other classes would i benifit from taking?

what other career doors does this open for me?

and the forces of reality force me to ask:
And just about how much would it cost?

What is Newtek's licencing agreement for an academic license?
can it be used profesionaly after you are no longer a student, or is there a fee?

Also, my instructor said i should concider an internship with a company like Pixar. But to be honest, i had issues growing up that effected my GPA. and only started getting decent grades when i found a passion for my work in collage. so i probbably do not measure up for Pixars internship program.

i do plan on becoming a regular member of the Newtek comunity, and any feedback or information would be greatly apriciated.

sory for the life story, and the jumping around - chaotic flow of thought, i tried to keep it as on topic as i could.

and lastly but not leastly,
Thank you.

05-27-2004, 09:32 AM
you plan to use the software professionally, you will need a professional liscense... Newtek may have an upgrade offer where you upgrade the student version to the pro version - not sure about that... for schools, you need to get in to contact with as many schools as you can and start asking them these sorts of questions... if you go to http://www.3dlinks.com - somewhere on that site is a massive list of schools... if you are looking for advice on schools, you may want to go to cgtalk.com and or 3dbuzz.com and search the forums - this is an issue that crops up over there quite a bit.

05-29-2004, 04:07 AM
Thanks, i apriciate the links.

05-30-2004, 03:52 AM
The truth is--you can fail at anything you go to school for! But, then again--ask yourself, What if I succeed?

Honestly, it is a mixture of trial and error in the working world. You have to be diverse. I myself trained in all I could - I got My AAS degree in Computer information systems. Then I got my Bach. degree in Computer Science. All the while I was in school, I learned to write code and programs in C++ and Java. I learned map making for the Unreal and Quake games. I learned to build webpages In HTML and XHTML. Now, I am learning lightwave.

You have to really make your resume look full and well rounded to be in the computer business in any aspect! There is so many people competing for the jobs here in the states and oversea's (including the dreaded outsourcing) but, you are gonna find it hard in most career fields--thats just the state of our lovely economy!

So, you might as well do what you love and enjoy it. I think we should all start one gigantic 3-D design business together and run the rest off the map! LOL