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tokyo drifter
05-26-2004, 12:42 AM
Just like to mention that I got the f8 dvd today from amazon. If you don't know, f8 is a short film made with Lightwave and Messiah by Jason Wen. It was released about 3 or 4 years ago and won a jury prize at Siggraph. The DVD just came out recently and it's great, lots of extra content and some insights into the design and pre-production. It reminded me why the hell I got Lightwave in the first place.

A must buy for any wannabe indie CG artists out there. :cool:

05-26-2004, 10:05 AM
Yeah, i got it a while ago. I loved it. It was brilliant and beautiful.

For me, F8 (by Jason Wen) is the best short film i've ever seen in Lightwave. Thats reason i'm using Lightwave cos of him and he also inspired me. I've spoken to him via email last sept. He's cool lad. I'm looking forward to his new second film a called 'Cherie'. Good news for Lightwave, he still use Lightwave at home :) but he use maya at work.

Btw- his website:- www.f8movie.com

05-26-2004, 10:16 PM
Okay, you talked me into it. They have it at Best Buy here for less than Amazon's price. I might just go buy it tomorrow.

Maybe someday we'll all have short films for sale on DVDs. ;)

05-27-2004, 01:57 AM
It's bizarre that the film has been produced with a region 1 restriction. It might have helped international sales to have made it region-free.

The only machine I have that can play it will be my playstation!


05-27-2004, 05:04 AM
I bought it yesterday! My DVD player is region free. I just typed in a code with the remote, simple. :D

06-06-2004, 05:09 AM
I'm in the UK and I bought the DVD through the amazon.co.uk website:

f8 listing (http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00014K5GY/qid%3D1086519687/202-7959169-5715837)

where it's on sale from a canadian reseller. 7.27 plus standard shipping. The canadian reseller shipped the DVD promptly and no duty was paid.

It's described as region 1 NTSC, but in fact the DVD is region-free though it is NTSC encoded.

If anyone would like some inspiration, they will consider this money very well spent, as I did.

There are additional commentaries, interviews etc.

So a big thumbs up for a great piece of work. Just shows what you can do if you try - particularly considering that this was shown at siggraph 2001.

Go buy it!


06-07-2004, 06:23 AM
Very beautiful 3D film. The concept is a bit dark for my tastes but I can still appreciate the fine work that went into f8.

I had a couple of issues with the way the piece flowed but that is to be expected for a twenty minute clip.

At 18-19 bucks with shipping I find the DVD to be a tad over-priced since the DVD is sooo short and really offers little usable insight into its development.

Signal to Noise
06-07-2004, 12:05 PM
This thread got me sold on F8! I'm ordering one.

I also pre-ordered Albee's Kaze Warrior DVD. I got the "making of" book last week and after reading bits & pieces I can't wait to see the movie.

So far I am aware of the following LW-exclusive all animation movies:

Kaze Ghost Warrior
Jimmy Neutron

Anyone know of others? I'd like to build up an inspirational library.:)

06-08-2004, 08:27 PM
Don't forget Terrence Walker's shorts, Understanding Chaos and Shadowskin.

I can't say I love the style of animation, but they're still worth a look. Plus they're on one DVD along with some useful info.

Tokyopop.com has it for $14.99, but I got one at Best Buy for around $10.

Anime: Concept to Reality

Also, I believe InvaderZIM uses Lightwave for their 3D stuff.

And I can't believe I forgot...
Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles TV Series

Signal to Noise
06-08-2004, 10:20 PM
Cool. Thanks dwburman!

I never heard of any of these that you mention so I'm going to check them out.:)

06-09-2004, 02:01 AM
..don't wanna jump the gun.. but there is a new indi "mini feature" on its way @ http://www.cannylads.com ... "Part One of Episode One" up on the web in about 4/5 weeks.. may be able to post more / some images /trailer on this forum in a week or so .. only has a working title "War Story" just now!

100% LW/DFX+

..its all getting v exciting...! (oops - that's me thinking aloud..!)

06-09-2004, 01:11 PM
Invader Zim is a 2D cartoon with some 3D elements. It's on Nickelodeon here in the US. It's an odd show that's maybe too over-the-top, but I still like it. There are other 2D animated shows/movies that have used Lightwave.

Roughnecks was a show that was on a few years ago. Many of the episodes were made by Foundation Imaging using Lightwave 5.6. If I remember correctly, some other episodes were done by other facilities using different software.

Technically, the Jimmy Neutron movie was animated in Messiah and rendered in Lightwave. I think the TV show is being animated in Maya and rendered in Lightwave, but I could be wrong.

Newtek has a list of things LW has been used in. It doesn't say what pieces were made with LW though.

Originally posted by Signal to Noise
Cool. Thanks dwburman!

I never heard of any of these that you mention so I'm going to check them out.:)

06-09-2004, 05:51 PM
Of course, you can add 'Dan Dare': splinegod - dan dare (http://www.splinegod.com/dan_dare.htm) , I can't seem to get the official website to work: www.dandare.com . It's possible to get some episodes on video/DVD.