View Full Version : Rotational weirdness

Graham Nichols
05-25-2004, 04:29 PM
I'm currently attempting to rig and animate my first character. I decided to put the eyelids on separate layers in modeller. I then created a null in Layout with its rotation set at pitch only, with each eyelid modified with channel followers set to the null's rotational pitch. Rotate the null and both eyelids close right? Well, no in practice :(

When I rotate the eyelid null the left eyelid closes correctly, but the right eyelid does not, although the pitch rotation displays the same angle for each eyelid.

The back view (bottom right of image enclosed) shows both eyes closed correctly, but the camera view tells a different story. Rendering with LW or FPrime also shows the eyelids as mismatched.

When I move any of the windows around in Layout I see a blue bounding box around the offending eyelid, which may give a clue as to the fault. However, as a newbie, this clue whizzes right by me.

Any ideas please guys?

best, Graham

PS The channel follow modifier was a cut and paste so I can't see why there is a variance.