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05-25-2004, 04:14 PM
Hello fellow Wavers,

A company in my neck of the woods has the following job offers for those intersted.

Here is an opportunity that's hard to pass up:

We are currently looking for qualified artist, for an upcoming contract. It is for a ride in an amusement parc, to be projected in Stereoscopic HD on a 30' by 45' screen.

We will be needing:

1-3D Lighting artist (photo real)
1-Modeling artist specializing in all sorts of Dinosaurs
1 or 2 Rigging artists
1 animator for realistic dinosaur mouvements.
1 photo real landscape artist (jurassic era).

This is a work at home opportunity. Lenght of the contract is 16 months.

It will pay 1000$ US per week.

An FTP address will be supplied to upload your work.

You will be paid as freelance artist and will have to comply with the tax regulations of the country you reside in.
Paychecks will be issued weekly.

Please send your links to portfolios or send us your pictures to the following address.

[email protected]

We'll have more info available in mid june.

Eric Nolin