View Full Version : Random Modeler Crashes

05-25-2004, 11:59 AM
Well, I've been trying to get some work done with LW 8 and I've been running into some weird problems in modeler. It seems to crash at weird random times. Although one thing I've absolutely nailed down is if you use cut while in polygon symmetric mode, it *will* crash. But another issue is it keeps on losing my custom keyboard shortcuts... I saved it to a custom .cfg, then when i tried loading it, it crashed again. Grrrrr :mad: . There have been other crashes that I have not yet been able to nail down... but this is getting frustrating. Here are my specs:

Windows XP SP1
1.7GHz P4 (yeah, yeah... I'm trying to upgrade soon)
768MB Ram
nVidia 4200

Anyone else having problems like this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! :D

05-26-2004, 09:00 PM
Well, before my first post I had already fully uninstalled and reinstalled LW, going through the reg also to make sure that there were no remnants and did a re-install... but now I've done a complete clean install (OS, LW, etc) with minimal apps (just LW, DFX+ and Photoshop) and I'm still getting the same issues. Am I to deduce from the lack of responses that no one else is experiencing these issues? Please let me know... if I'm insane, then it'd at least be helpful to know that I'm insane :D. Thanks again.

06-21-2004, 12:12 AM

Well, I've just installed Lightwave 8 and am trying to figure out why different things happen every time for instance I press the "a"-shortcut for "Fit All ".
Sometimes it does the "Fit All", at other times it asks me to "Save" my stuff, and at other times it asks me to "Change Surface"!??

Another example: I load an object, press "n" for Numerics and what happens? The object simply dissappears!

All that time I have been toggling the ShiftLock which resulted in CapsLock being turned on and off, so that when I pressed "a", in reality "A" was being processed!:rolleyes:

Why messing with ShiftLock? Well, I thought that the combination Alt+ShiftLock enabled you to rotate the object while dragging the mouse in the perspective viewport.
While it is simply pressing the Alt-key which does that trick.

Shame on me!