View Full Version : 2nd SCSI array as solution to use two DDRs (Source and Record)?

05-25-2004, 11:09 AM
I sent this info to my VT3 vendor bujt thought I might get some feedback here. I need to be able to use my DDRs (two different ones) as source and capture simultaneously. I tried this morning to do it with a single SCSI array without success. The solution needs to be portable (more or less) but more importantly simple (once set up) and reliable. It does not need to cost a bunch though my soultion is on the pricey side.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

...I spoke to you last week about maybe buying a 1394 2-IDE-disk enclosure and using two 120MB/8MB cache/7200RPM drives as a means to capture video coming out from the VT3. You said I shld be able to capture to the SCSI array I currently have (4 33.7 10K U320 disks). I tried that this week and as long as I am trying to capture from external sources it works OK; but, when I try to bring video from a DDR (stored on that SCSI array) and then record back to it with transitions the DDR stops recording though VT3, thankfully, still send the program out to my external deck.

The PC I am using is a Dual Xeon (Intel 7505) 2.66 533 FSB with 2GB of memory and I am using a 29320 Adaptec controller on XP pro.

So, I am pricing an external SCSI array -- the same as the internal one -- as a solution to be able to capture uncompressed video while bringing in video from the same PC (different SCSI array):

4 Seagate 33.7 drives @ $160 ea $640
Enclosure, cables etc $200
Second Adaptec card $200 (to put in another PC at home so I can move data between two PCs).

Total is ~ $1,000.

I am just wanting to know if this solution will work. If I provide the above PC with a second array, will it be able to handle the flow from one array coming in from DDRs along with external sources out to the second array. Is there a less expensive solution that is just as simple and just as reliable?

05-25-2004, 11:36 AM
Depending on the speed of your array(If it is 4 scsi's as you seem tio be looking to buy as an external it should be a breeze) you should have not much problem.
I would try it without the ddr's.
Use Toaster Edit to play your clips and the record panel set to program out to record what you are playing fron the Ted.

I do this daily, actually almost hourly.
it also lets you patch the Ted thru the switcher apply any switcher effects you can't play directly on the timeline, and record the end result live.

Opens up all kinds of possibilities.


05-25-2004, 11:44 AM
I will play with it in Ted before asking any questions. Not buying anything wld be the best option of all! Thanks.