View Full Version : Depth Files (again) LW8?

05-23-2004, 04:54 PM
Hi all..

I wonder if anyone has had a chance to check out the depth file formats in LW8 (I don't have mine yet!)

A) does the .RLA format now export material ID's (at least id's DFX can pick up)?


B) is the .RPF format now an "image saver" rather than an image filter with export.. (needs to be an "image saver" to allow network rendering..)

these are real important updates.....


05-24-2004, 01:43 AM
It's really important, as you say, that image output occurs via the image savers in the render menu, rather than via plug-ins in the image filter list.

For example, FPrime only accesses the image saver plug-ins. It can't access those RPF/RLA image filter plug-ins.

I'm also frustrated that the 16bpc PSD (Photoshop) image export only happens as an image filter plug-in, and can't be accessed by FPrime or many other plug-ins.

05-24-2004, 01:03 PM
I am having great success with the .rla file format but am not using the material id option yet in LW8 so I cannot comment there. I have just been using the Z buffer and I don't know why, it may just be me, but the Z channel seems to be much more defined now. DFX is working with it beautifully.

One thing though about the render file format side. I personally have not been bit yet with completely disliking the extra render options being in plugin form. But, I do have a caveat to add to my comment which is that the present approach to setting file format options seems to be really convoluted and ineffecient and just plain weird.

Why all of this isn't contained in one central location is beyond me. I would prefer an entire menu devoted to file formats alone and the buffer choices that come with each format, if applicable.
The render and file format end is way to important to be broken up like it is.

The new dynamics approach in my opinion is brilliant and this needs to be the approach to a lot of these other issues. Centralize, centralize, centralize... which makes for an expedient and productive work environment.