View Full Version : Realtime Displacement Painting (aka Zbrush aka Maya Artisan)

05-21-2004, 11:52 AM

I would love to see the capacity of realtime displacement painting to achieve results like with Zbrush or Maya Arisan or C4D's Mesh Surgery.
Seriously, the Zbrush-technique demystifies the modeling process, makes it accessable to artists who know how to draw/paint and will more or less replace the current workflow for character/organic modelling
completely.Now is the time to jump on that wagon or be left behind in the dust....

05-21-2004, 12:59 PM
I think zbrush type painting is probably a little beyond the scope of LW, but you *can* do a sort of artisan type displacement painting right now using the airbrush tool & a couple of simple morph maps.

The main limitation is that it doesn't add or subtract polygons, so your mesh must be quite dense to start off with.

Follow these steps to try it out.

1: create a nice dense mesh. A sphere will do.
2: click on the M button & create a morph map. Name it Big, scale the object to a couple of times the size of the original shape.
3: go back to the base shape & create another Morph map, but call it Small & this time scale it so it is a much smaller version of the original.
4: go to the map tab, select airbrush & press n to open it's numeric panel.
5:Next to the Vertex Map label, select either Big or Small as the morph map & paint away.

The results depend on the strength settings, the size of brush & the relative scales of your morphs to the original.

Try it. It's fun. Not sure how useful it is tho.

05-21-2004, 01:09 PM
Zbrush doesn't add or remove polys either as far as I can tell, it just handles lots of displaced polys very well, and allows you to displace them in all kinds of funky directions. You can subdivide your object just the same as in LW, but also go back to a lower density mesh to pull that around.

The Airbrush tool can do some very zbrush type things as you say, but it's missing a smooth function which would be cool for all Vmaps. Imagine painting smoothing onto UV maps, or colour maps being blurred.... Well cool.

I'd love to see that in the Airbrush tool!

05-21-2004, 01:39 PM
This would be super. An airbrush tool that could not only paint vmaps but also had the options to acctually displace the points (in different ways and directions) in realtime (without having to create an endomorph). If it could create weightmaps at the same time they could be utilized when texturing.

Someone requested a smudge function a while ago. I think, if planned and developed well, all this could be placed under the same tool.

10-23-2005, 06:33 PM

Yepp, more functions to the Airbrush Tool.
(I don't see why it hasn't been done. Maybe it is a hardware issue, too much Ram requirement or something)

Posting an example, showing different "Strenght" and "Shape" setings.
Combined these can make a "flat" brush or a "smooth" brush. However I feel the settings feel clumsy as you have to adjust both settings. (It doesn't work like Zbrush in that manner, unfortunatly).

Also I'd really like if I had the possibility to make keyboard shortcuts for "Strenght/Shape" like in PhotoShop, so all I'd have to do to change the radius of the brush to e.g. "20" would be to press "2" on the keyboard.

A "clone/spray from an image" function would also be cool. Actually, it would rock. You can actually "sort of" do this by using a weightmap as a texture, (like Proton showed on SpinQuad in Tutorial section) but it is very limited and nowhere near Zbrush. However all the technique/programming seems to be there allready, so I don't see why it hasn't been done as it would make a very powerful tool.

Under, displacement in Modeler using a weightmap image.