View Full Version : LW8 Modeller : Radial Array tool bug

05-21-2004, 09:00 AM
The new Radial Array tool creates an arc of clones but it also places a duplicate of the original geometry on top of itself. For example, if you create a simple box consisting of six quad-polys and then use the Radial Array tool to create a four-item radial array, the distribution along the arc is correct, but instead of creating 3 additional clones from the first item, it creates four after the operation, the poly stats panel will show you that you indeed have 30 polys instead of the expected 24. The last "extra" clone occupies the same space as the template geometry used to create the array.

A workaround is to press "Undo" (once) after you've done a radial array operation to delete the extra clone.

05-21-2004, 01:22 PM
Frankly I hope they won't bother as there is a perfectly good radial array function in the regular Array command that works like you would expect it to, works faster, and only requires one undo. The Radial Array command is a simple lscript and I really think it was just meant as an example for those interested in scripting. It's not setup in the default LW7 menues, and rightly so in my mind.

NT need to clean out duplicate functions like this. Provide them for those that might like them, but try and keep the default menues clean, as they might otherwise only confuse new users and make the program look bloated.