View Full Version : surface baker in lw8?

05-21-2004, 05:30 AM
Is there anybody that have tried the surface baker in lw8? I found it totally unusable in 7.5c (I was expecting to use it for baking radiosity, and I had to gave up - yes it works fine when it comes to scenes like Meni's dumpster or Dan's radiosity room, but I 've never got it to work in high polys count scene)

Hervé already submitted such a topic but I don't think this has been re-discussed since lw8 shipping - Sorry if I missed the thread

Thanks for any reply



Jean-Paul Lar.
05-21-2004, 10:49 AM
Id be interested to know this also.:)

05-22-2004, 07:02 AM
the first thing we have to know is Surface Baker still not multithreaded....
Then It still don't work with LWSN.
And finally, there is no automatic map replacement like other package.