View Full Version : Adding Edges ?????

05-19-2004, 10:32 AM
Got 8.

In Proton's add edges video, he effortlessly adds lots of edges from point to point. I can do the same when it goes across multiple polys as shown in the tute.

Maybe the plug-in is limited, but I can't :

1) Select one blue handle
2) Click another handle on another side of the same poly. Fine - you get a blue line.
3) Click a third poly on another side of the same poly. No new edge - another blue line only appears if you click a handle on a different poly.

Limit of the plug-in or am I doing something wrong?



05-20-2004, 08:14 AM
Why would yo want to do that? in that way you'd be turning a quad into a triangle. I've been using a lot the add edges plugin, and I don't find any limitation. You must choose "wisely" the edges that you want to divide. If you choose one point in a poly, and then another point in the same poly, you're telling the plugin that you're redefining the point to split the poly, that's why you can't do that.

05-20-2004, 08:19 AM
True - I like 4 point polys myself.

Just wondering tho if I was using the tool incorrectly. For example, with the "Add Edges" tool I can't "draw" new edges in the shape of a diamon in a single planar poly to split it into what would become 5 separate polys. If I wanted to do that I can but need to do it in 4 separate steps, dropping the tool between each "draw".

Thanx AngelDream.